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Nursing opportunities in Berlin - Discover the advantages of working at Charité

The information on this page is directed at those who wish to join our team. If you are hoping to apply for a position at Charité,

  • please have a look at our current vacancies (only in German). For inquiries, please use the contact details provided.
  • We also welcome unsolicited applications for positions within Charité’s Nursing and Medical Support Services. Please submit your application and supporting documents by email.

Should we wish to discuss the merits of your application further, we will contact you to invite you for an interview. We will be in touch once we have shortlisted applications. 

Video: Professional, caring, versatile – Nursing at Charité

Video: Nursing at one of Germany’s largest hospitals (including spanish subtitles)
Video: Nursing at one of Germany’s largest hospitals (including spanish subtitles)

Personal development

The rapid pace of progress in the fields of medicine and research means that all our employees must embrace life-long learning. Continuous professional development is an inescapable part of this, and we attach great importance to promoting the ongoing development of skills and competencies. Naturally, our staff development concepts must be able to meet these challenges. This means:

  • Maintaining the quality of theoretical and practical training within the university 
  • Offering specific professional development measures
  • Recognizing the contributions of individual members of staff, which are integral to the success of a particular ward or unit.
  • Identifying and promoting members of staff with particular promise and recommending those suitable for managerial tasks.
  • Ensuring a healthy balance between the interests of our members of staff and the demands placed on them at Charité.

Career path

Career path

We strive to ensure that all Charité nursing staff have access to the best career development opportunities. We are also committed to supporting them in developing their professional competencies. For this reason, our members of staff can select one of four career paths. Each path is subdivided into 9 individual steps – for instance starting at newcomer level and progressing to clinical nursing specialist for highly complex clinical environments. The progress you make at each of these steps will depend on your specific interests, knowledge, experience and the outcome and objectives of your annual staff review.

There is plenty of support along the way, from staff-centered management that encourages innovative thinking to highly dedicated clinical support specialists, a respectful work atmosphere, and a range of professional development programs.

Mentoring program

Mentoring program

Charité has a targeted staff mentoring program aimed at supporting members of staff working in the fields of nursing and medical support services. Mentoring has been shown to be a highly effective yet highly flexible staff development tool.

Mentoring is, in its essence, the transfer of experiential knowledge from an experienced person to a less experienced one. This experiential knowledge comprises information on

  • the attitudes and expectations found within the relevant social and professional environment,
  • advantageous and less advantageous career paths,
  • and the opportunities and barriers encountered in balancing one’s work and private lives.

The aim of the mentoring program is to promote talented and dedicated nursing staff, strengthen their professional competencies and career potential, and enhance their career opportunities through the guidance of experienced and successful nursing staff.

Specialization and in-depth programs

Specialization and in-depth programs

The specialization and in-depth programs (SpeFa) in nursing and functional services at Charité are designed to ensure the theoretical and practical familiarization of professional nurses in the work area and the linking of both aspects. They serve the professionally differentiated specialization and support the theory / practice transfer. The curricular design of the modules is carried out by academically trained main practice instructors and main practice developers. The content is based on specific specialty nursing topics. By offering the SpeFa programs, the Charité is simultaneously responding to the challenges of generalist nursing education in Germany.

Target groups

Newcomers to the nursing profession after training or studies
Re-entrants and returnees to the nursing profession
After internal redeployment and change of department


Between four and six months
Start in April and October of each calendar year (2x /year)
Start of the SpaFa program in intensive care: in February, June and October of each calendar year (3x /year)


Oriented to the respective specialty
Practical training by practical instructors and experienced colleagues on site
Theoretical modules of at least 160 hours spread over four to six months
Mainly in the form of online seminars
Specialist topics, documentation, emergency management, practical workshops, current and evidence-based care and nursing care
Practical days in other areas optional

Management Trainee Program

Management Trainee Program

Who is this targeted at?

The ‘Management Trainee Program’ is targeted at employees from the health care professions (MTA – Physician Assistant, OTA – Surgical Assistant, elderly care nurses, midwives, ATA – Anesthesiologist Assistant) with management training qualification or a degree in nursing management but with no practical experience.


  • Trainees will be prepared for management roles using a customized, targeted career development program
  • Participants will learn about different management approaches and leadership styles
  • Through the use of practical assignments/learning objectives, participants will learn how to implement various management tools in practice
  • Individualized support provided by highly experienced mentors
  • Promoting Charité’s competitiveness and maintaining its status as an attractive employer

General conditions

For specific terms and/or conditions, please consult this information leaflet (only in German).

B.Sc. Advanced Nursing Practice (Erweiterte Klinische Pflege)

Our degree option is targeted at nurses who wish to take on additional nursing responsibilities within highly complex care environments. This includes the development, implementation and evaluation of concepts aimed at improving patient care. You will also be involved in drafting funding applications and the publication of results from research studies and nursing research.

Every year, we will award up to 40 scholarships to members of our staff to cover course fees. 

The degree course offers the following areas of specialization:

  • Anesthesia and Intensive Care Nursing
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatric

For specific terms and/or conditions, please consult the following information on the B.Sc. Advanced Nursing Practice (Erweiterte Klinische Pflege), specializing in

‘Taking the Lead’ (In Führung gehen) Management Support Meetings

Are you new to a management position within the Nursing and Medical Support Services? - The ‘Taking the Lead’ program will support you in this important new role.

The program, which is the result of a collaboration between the non-profit organization ‘Freundeskreis der Charité’ (Friends of Charité) and the training provider ‘Splendid-Akademie’, provides support to new management staff within the Nursing and Medical Support Services. This one-year program comprises workshops, individual coaching sessions and interesting informal discussions with managers from the business sector. All workshops and coaching sessions are delivered by Splendid-Akademie, who are also in charge of moderating all information discussions. Individual workshops will explore a range of issues, such as staff performance reviews, conflict management and the transition from colleague to manager, thus prioritizing issues which you are likely to encounter in your new management role at Charité.

Coaching units can be used to address in greater detail issues which you feel are of particular relevance to your professional development. In addition to providing both variety and stimulation, our informal discussion rounds also allow you to seek advice from senior managers from the business sector and benefit from their valuable experience. Admission to the program must be approved by the Nursing Directorate of the relevant Charité Center.

ERASMUS+ Staff Training (STT)

ERASMUS+ Staff Training (STT) for staff working in Charité’s Nursing and Medical Support Services

Staff hoping to spend time training abroad can make use of the ERASMUS+ Staff Training (STT) program.

This includes;

  • Staff Week
  • Work shadowing
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Cooperation negotiations
  • Acquisition of professional skills
  • Acquisition of language skills

You will receive ERASMUS+ funding to help finance your stay abroad

  • Transport costs (flat-rate subsidy based on distance)
  • Subsistence costs (daily allowance)

ERASMUS+ Staff Training (STT) is available for stays abroad lasting a minimum of 4 days (including return travel) and up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

Other services and opportunities available

The Office of Family Affairs

The Office of Family Affairs offers comprehensive services and advice aimed at addressing the challenges of balancing work/study and family life.

  • Providing childcare and assistance in finding childcare places
  • Parent-Child Room, and breastfeeding/quiet rooms
  • Parental leave, returning to work after parental leave
  • Caring for a partner or relative
  • Dual Career
  • Coordination of the 'family-friendly university' (audit familiengerechte hochschule®) and 'family-friendly employer' (audit berufundfamilie®) reauditing process 2017-2020
  • Parent Café and children’s parties
  • Seminars, workshops and focus days
  • Networking pertaining to the challenges of balancing work/study and family life

Staff deals and discounts

Thanks to our cooperation with external service providers, Charité members of staff have access to a number of exclusive deals and discounts.

Corporate fitness benefit provider GymPass offers attractive deals providing access to a diverse range of fitness activities and facilities.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the Corporate Benefits platform to make use of exclusive deals and discounts on a range of brand-name products and services.


Our services – ‘coaching’, ‘mediation’ ‘moderating’ – are targeted at interested members of staff (nursing and otherwise) hoping to enhance their professional opportunities and wishing to benefit from temporary guidance. People’s motivations for accessing this service differ widely and can range from a desire to enhance personal competencies to learning constructive ways of dealing with current work-related conflicts.  


Coaching sessions offer a confidential setting in which to address the goals specifically identified by the coachee. Coaching sessions aim to provide coachees with the support needed to achieve their own goals.


The term ‘mediation’ refers to the process of resolving conflicts between two or more parties. The conflicting parties are actively involved, contributing to both the mediation and decision-making processes. Mediation aims to establish common perspectives in order to achieve a win-win outcome for all concerned parties.


Other services include moderating team meetings (inter- and intraprofessional)

Workplace integration management

Workplace integration management

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin is committed to creating and maintaining an open and friendly work environment that is welcoming to people from all over the world. 

Our aim is to ensure that both Germany and our hospital are viewed as attractive places in which to live and work. By ensuring that all qualified staff from a migrant background become fully integrated members of our various nursing teams, we hope to lay the foundations of a successful long-term working relationship.

Our international colleagues add new momentum, and our organization is enriched as a result. Together, we can create diversity and promote new perspectives.

More information about international recruiting: Link

Employee referrals

Do you know someone who would make the perfect addition to Charité’s team of nursing staff? Introduce them to us!

Charité is looking to expand its team of qualified nursing and medical support services staff. Refer current Charité members of staff, or friends, acquaintances and relatives with either nursing or medical support services qualifications. and earn a bonus for each successful referral.